Sunday, March 28, 2010

LGBT talk....

I have the habit of reading the last page of the news paper first. "The Hindu" gives some really crispy and different news on the last page and for the past two days, its about same sex marriage. Two guys married publicly in manipur and they separated a day after their marriage. These were the last page news for the past two days.

Now the idea of same sex marriage never bothered me. I respect an individual's feelings. Moreover, tagging a person with their sexual orientation has never been a concern to me. As Rizwan Khan's mother said- there are only two types of people- good ones and bad ones. So it becomes immaterial and completely inessential to segregate people based on caste, religion, sex and sexual orientation!

The news had the picture of the couple marrying. I respect their action but the picture did bother me. One of the guy was dressed as a woman!! I failed to understand why was he dressed like that? Two men wearing coat and exchanging rings would have been decent. They separated after a day was another news as family did not accept the marriage...

Now the question is- why is it becoming difficult for indians to accept the term LGBT?

First reason being our culture. If you see, women in india are "broiler women"..well, that is what another article in the paper said! A typical indian woman is one who is dutiful, sacrifices, is polite, runs the house, very feminine, caring, should do all the house hold even if she works just like a man does(sometimes even more!) and the culture has portrayed a woman in a very sensitive way. So, when the idea of a man being gay comes, a lay man is forced to imagine a man as a woman with all the above characters and starts ridiculing it. A man walking, talking and sacrificing like a woman, is not necessary and inessential. So, when i saw the picture of man dressed up like a female, i felt it was an unnecessary act of over dramatizing the situation. I feel that because of our culture, even gay men started behaving like women. My point here is that a homosexual doesnt not have to behave in a feminine way as being instilled in our minds by our culture. You dont have to dress like that, walk like a woman, dont have to make girly gestures, give over expressions etc. Stop and think about it for a moment and you will realize that they are unnecessary actions that can be avoided!

Second fact is the awareness. Half the population doesnt even know if such term exists! so forget about accepting such people! Forget population, even my momm dint know the terms. Later, me and my sister had to take lessons!! She dint like the concept and said- is it necessary to bring up such an issue? is it so important in life? And what she asked was indeed true. when the world is discussing wars, global warming, women empowerment, education, corruption, terrorism etc., does it become really important to bring this issue up?

Third thing is our religion. My classmates and I were debating over this issue. One of them is a very pious man! Follows Christianity like anything and gave the point that God did not make this. He disagreed to a point that homosexuality is linked to genes. Said it was complete bull shit and not to be believed and being homosexual is against the law of nature. But he made a statement- There is no proof of a man's nature and his gene linked to each other and since there is no scientific proof, it is unacceptable and not to be believed. The beauty of the debate was- the instant he made this statement, other colleague of mine tossed the question- there is no proof of existence of god, will you stop believing in God??? .silence....

We have wrongly interepreted our religious texts. Who wrote them? Some man right?? The state of mind of a man can never be predicted! when Nityananda can do child like behaviour, why not those men do something similar? What if the one who wrote the religious text was ignorant about such things. just because it is not mentioned in bible, quran or vedas doesnt mean it's sinful! so bringing up religion into this is insulting the religion it self!

Sometimes i donot understand what rights are LGBT people asking?? To marry each other. fine. i give the right. what next. You marry and you separate and you marry. When world is seeing live-in relationship amongst heteros, why not follow them?? why do you want to be bound by a ceremony?? cant you love without being solemnized? But No, you need to wear that stupid white frock in public to show that you are open! And yeah, they often see it as an act of heroism! somebody came out open..thats it.. Wow!! bravo.. all LGBT cheers.. You find them on facebook and find the whole lot applauding!!! When you yourself do not consider it normal, how do you expect the society to take it as something normal? And the media adds the rest of the spices!

And there is a whole lot of examples to be given as a justification- da vinci, alexander the great etc. Why do you depend on some great person for you selfish animal act? Agreed they were homo, so what? do you think you are great enough to be compared to them just because one/millionth attribute of theirs matches with the only attribute of yours????

I dont know if i am supporting LGBT for their rights, but one thing is know is - i respect people. I can not hurt someone for their orientation. Its high time we start looking people with their actions, their attitude, their deeds, their goodwill, their policies, their way of living, their style of working, and so many other things. So sexuality becomes a negligent part. But something that cannot be neglected either. Homosexuals being melodramatic is something i hate. I hate to say this but What rights are they asking for??? They should start respecting themselves and be confident in order to gain the same from the world. The inferiority complex thrives in their words even when they say-" I am proud" when they actually feel insecure and afraid! It is not necessary to come out open. What do you achieve? Dont say you cant cheat your self, cant live a lie. Its all crap non sense! What lie? what cheating yourself? when you know something about yourself, why tell it to the people? Keep it to yourself! why come open? its something private and needs to be kept so. Isn't it enough to be clear with your conscience??

Finally, I think its high time for people to stop thinking about these petty issues and start acting over other pressing issues. The intellectual depth of people has completely reduced after independence. Why is it only before independence that we had people like Swami Vivekanada, Nehru, Sarojini Naidu, C.V.Raman, chandrashekar? We hardly see any of such people today. Why is that people like nityananda are seen today instead of Vivekananda? The reason is that we are wandering aimlessly. They had an aim. Today we are aimless, jobless and discussing sexual orientation! Sooooo jobless that i had to blog this and you are reading this!


  1. I read your post and though you seem to be a guy with very open views about everything, there is a certain flaw in your thought which is obvious since you are after all the part of a society that calls itself 'straight'!
    I thought I should write a comment but it became too long so I put it in my blog instead :P
    Here's the link:

  2. @Ryan: i m happy that my post lead to another one.. I am not sure if it is flawed at those places that u stressed but I am open to ur comments.. :) thanks for stopping by...!


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